Remote IT Support

What is Remote IT Support?
CDO Technology provides Remote IT Support to solve your computer and tech problems remotely while you work from home. Remote IT Support can do Computer Optimization, Software Support, Windows Support, Computer Security Support, Virus, Malware, Spyware, and Adware Removal and many, many other types of assistance and computer problem diagnosis.

For businesses, we can do all the repairs above and make sure that internet talks to your business network which talks to your office computers all remotely as well. We can remotely maintain this connectivity and fix any issues that may arise. We also provide services such as business class antivirus, secure emails, and Cloud backup storage to make sure that your communication and data is secure and safe. The best part? We can do it all without you leaving your home or office and without anyone coming to visit.

Is it Safe?
Remote IT Support is safe and secure. Once we connect, we log onto your computer using an encrypted online connection between your computer and the Remote Technician’s computer. No one else can view or access your computer during this session. Only you can initiate this Remote Support Session and you can end the session at any time by closing the support windows on your desktop. Everything CDO does can be seen on your monitor the entire time and you can over-ride the Remote Tech’s work by simply moving your mouse. And we cannot log onto your computer after the session is over unless you request service again and give us access permission.

Safe from COVID-19?
Absolutely! That’s the beauty of it. You don’t leave your home, and nobody has to come to you. It’s all online.

Is it Right for Me?
Whether you are a struggling university student, a small business owner, or just trying to watch Netflix at home, we’ve got your back. It’s simple, easy, and secure when you have trustworthy experts helping you.

What Does it Cost?
Our pricing is simple and competitive:
• $80 per hour
• Minimum 30 minutes
Promo: First Responders, Medical front-line workers, and first time business customers get 50% off First Remote Session. Contact us for more information.

Sign Me Up!
Contact us directly to get started today. Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
Phone: (864) 288-8680 and press 3 for Remote Support.
Or Click Here:

The Process
1. Call or email CDO and we will connect you with a technician.
2. The technician will ask you to pre-authorize the payment below (you will only be billed for the time you are being serviced, in 15-minute increments)-30 Minute Minimum.
3. The technician will take over from here! He will communicate with you via either phone or email.
4. Problem solved from the safety of your own home!

Enter amount to authorize:

Initiate payment & support

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