CDO Technology (CDO) offers all of our custom built systems with an industry leading warranty. When you call or email CDO, you will be helped by a CDO employee.

• CDO will pay for all shipping and replacement shipping costs for issues occurring within the first thirty days of the warranty term on new CDO computer in the U.S.

• CDO does not outsource repairs. Your workstation will be serviced by CDO employed technicians at our facility.

• CDO does not outsource customer service. When you contact CDO, you will be helped by an actual CDO employee.

CDO’s warranty protects your workstation and desktop against defects in hardware and workmanship for the specified duration of the warranty period beginning on the day your system is shipped or picked up at CDO.

Volta Workstation/Desktop Labor and Parts Warranty
All Volta Workstations/Desktops built and sold by CDO have a standard lifetime labor and one year parts warranty. This warranty covers labor for hardware repairs, and installation of upgrades purchased through CDO. Support for operating systems is limited to reasons directly related to hardware functionality. A one year or two year extension of the parts warranty may be added to your new system within thirty days of the purchase date.

Explorer Desktop Labor and Parts Warranty
All Explorer Desktops built and sold by CDO have a one year parts and labor warranty. This warranty covers labor for hardware repairs, and installation of upgrades purchased through CDO. Support for operating systems is limited to reasons directly related to hardware functionality.

Shipping Warranty
As most system hardware defects tend to show up early in a computer’s life, CDO offers a bi-directional shipping warranty for distant customers. During the initial thirty (30) days of the warranty term, if our technical support has determined the need to send the computer in for an issue covered by warranty, CDO will pay the shipping costs. CDO will either issue an electronic return shipping label by email or we will issue a UPS pickup request for the shipping.

After the initial thirty (30) days of warranty term and while still in term of the overall parts warranty, the owner will be responsible to pay to ship their computer back to CDO for warranty service. During said time of warranted parts coverage, CDO will pay to return your computer back to you using Ground shipping. If a faster shipping method is desired you may elect to arrange payment with us for a faster shipping service. The shipping warranty does not extend to computers picked up locally nor computers shipped outside the U.S.

Replacement Parts
Any system part found to be defective within the warranty period will be replaced with a new or refurbished part of equal or better equivalency at the discretion of CDO. If you are competent to install the part yourself, CDO will send a replacement part out to you as an advance RMA. A return shipping label will be included with replacement part shipments that can be used to ship defective parts back to CDO within the U.S. The advance replacement must be secured by credit card. If the defective part is not returned within fifteen (15) days from the time the replacement part is shipped by CDO, your credit card will be charged for the replacement part value. CDO is not responsible for any damages related to improper installation of the new part. Individual part purchases or special order parts are not qualified for advance RMA.

Warranty Support
To obtain warranty support for your product or a Return Material Authorization simply bring your system to CDO during our regular business hours, or contact CDO technical support by email or phone:

CDO Technology
117B Haywood Road
Greenville, S.C 29607
Service Facility Hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. EST

Phone Support: (864) 288-8680 Ext. 5
Monday – Friday 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. EST

E-mail Support:
Tech Support: support@cdotechnology.com
1. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your CDO system, you may bring it into CDO during business hours, or contact CDO’s Technical Support by email or phone. If you call, please have your system’s invoice and serial number available.

2. For customers intending to send in their system by carrier, the Customer assumes responsibility for product being sent back to CDO under RMA. Product being returned should be sent in the original packaging using a carrier which provides both a tracking number and shipping insurance. The RMA number must be clearly written on the outside of the box. CDO assumes no responsibility for product damaged while in transit. Include a photocopy of the original Invoice with the computer.

Computer Repair Guarantee
Computers are generally repaired within seven (7) business days after we receive the computer. If a needed replacement part is not in stock, then the repair time may be extended. All CDO computer repairs, including repairs to non-CDO computers, are guaranteed for a period of thirty (30) days or the remainder of any applicable CDO Warranty, whichever is longer. This guarantee does not cover new or different symptoms from the originally repaired problem.

Alterations to Volta Workstations in Production
CDO bills all orders at the time of order placement. Due to the high amount of labor involved in the building process for Volta Workstations, alteration request changes made after the computer has already gone into production will incur an additional $60.00 processing fee.

Cancellation of Orders
Due to unrecoverable costs involved with production, cancellation of any Volta Workstation system which has already entered into production is subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Returns and Refunds
A workstation or desktop may be returned within thirty (30) days of the invoice or shipment date. All hardware refunds are subject to a 15% restocking fee. All returned hardware must be undamaged and in like-new condition, and with original packaging, documentation, and accessories. After the stated thirty (30) day return policy term, hardware may only be returned at the discretion of CDO and return credit value will be adjusted to current value less 15% restocking fee. Any software that has been opened or activated, cannot be returned. Refunds may take up to two to four weeks to be processed. Special order items and services are not eligible for return. Quantity orders and orders over $7500 are not eligible for return.

Returns and Refunds: Shipping
Shipping costs are non-refundable. CDO is not responsible for return shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to shipping arrangement.

Shipping Insurance
Customer is responsible for making sure that their computer is securely packaged and insured when sending in to CDO for any reason. If a computer is damaged while in transit to CDO, the owner will be notified and is then responsible for working with the carrier on an insurance claim. Likewise, CDO will take care to carefully package for transit any computer being shipped out to our customers. Should your computer arrive damaged please retain all packaging and packaging material in which you received it and notify CDO immediately so that we may start an insurance claim with the carrier.

Warranty for Workstation or Deskstop Parts
Only parts original to your system are covered by the system warranty. Parts purchased or installed at a later date by the customer, or any third party, are exempt from the system parts warranty coverage. No warranty coverage shall be provided to installed parts purchased through a source other than CDO. Any part found to be defective within the warranty period will be replaced with a new or refurbished part of equal or better equivalency at the discretion of CDO.

Manufacturer Part Warranty
Some installed parts of your system may have a manufacturer warranty which exceeds that of your CDO parts warranty. CDO is not liable to honor the manufacturer warranty of such parts post expiration of the specified CDO parts warranty. The system owner is advised to contact the manufacturer to inquire about and arrange for RMA after the CDO parts warranty has expired.

Physical Damage
Warranty is void on any system parts which have been inspected and found to have sustained physical damage through any means.

Limitation of Liability
CDO is not responsible for damages or expenses resulting from misuse, abuse, disaster (natural or otherwise), or accidents involving your computer or parts. Firmware or BIOS updates, overclocking, repairs or modifications performed by anyone other than CDO will void your warranty if not first approved through a CDO’s Technical Department representative. We require this as a means of preventative control to avoid unnecessary damage. CDO is not responsible for any losses, damages, or complications that may arise as a result of a computer failure, nor any delay which could transpire during the course of production or repair of your computer. In addition, CDO is not responsible for loss of Customer’s data.