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Cadalyst Reviews Computer Direct Outlet’s Volta Pro 3D Modeling CAD Workstation.

Cadalyst says: “Volta Pro is an attractive, high-performance system built with quality components, great test scores, and a good warranty. Highly Recommended!”

GREENVILLE, S.C., December 15, 2015 — Computer Direct Outlet’s Volta Pro product line of high performance professional workstations was product reviewed by Cadalsyt’s J.V. Bolkan on December 11, 2015. After running their C2015 benchmark performance tests, Mr. Bolkan concluded that it would be very difficult to beat the Volta Pro scores at any price.

The Volta Pro workstation is perfect for high-end 3D modeling and is reasonably priced. Mr. Bolkan gave this workstation an overall grade of A and a thumbs up for Highly Recommended. He goes on to say that, “every major component in the system is well balanced between high performance and price.”

The Volta Pro(s) feature Intel Core i7 and Xeon CPUs, the fastest available SSDs, and NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro graphic card(s). The Volta Pro(s) are housed in a Fractal Design case that is customized with a satin coat of automotive paint and an understated backlit Volta logo. The case is also lined with acoustic padding to minimize noise. Computer Direct Outlet guarantees parts up to 3 years and always gives a lifetime service and support guarantee.

“We are very proud that the industry’s Independent Product Reviewers continue to rate Computer Direct Outlet’s Volta Pro workstations among the best of the best, said Gary Underwood, CEO.

You can purchase your Volta Pro workstation at Computer Direct Outlet’s website:

About Computer Direct Business

Computer Direct Business is a manufacturer of hand built high performance professional workstations, business servers and business desktops. Computer Direct Business and its parent company, Computer Direct Outlet, have created systems that are fast, upgradable and repairable since 1998. Every machine is designed, hand built and rigorously tested in Greenville, South Carolina.

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