The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an overwhelming burden on CDO Technology, and it is with deep sadness that we have decided to close our operation. We would like to thank our customers for allowing us to be part of your lives during our 22 years of operation in Greenville. We wish you all health, success, and prosperity.

We would like to refer our business customers to Greenville IT Services for their Business IT Services including: Onsite Service, Remote IT Service, Networking, Backup Services, Structured Cabling, Surveillance Camera Systems, and Managed IT Services.

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CDO Technology


CDO Technology has been a custom-builder of performance workstations such as game enthusiast systems, consumer and business class computers, and business servers, a parts retailer, and a service center operating in Greenville, South Carolina since 1998. CDO Technology began as Computer Direct Outlet and changed its name to CDO Technology in October 2017 to better reflect the products and services that we currently provide to our customers.

CDO Technology’s dedicated business sales and service division provides the best hardware solutions and IT services for your unique business needs. CDO Technology specializes in keeping your business running by providing a combination of remote monitoring and maintenance tools, computer technicians dispatched to your facility, and remote tech services that fix problems quickly and efficiently.

Our hardware focus is in the sales and service of high quality affordable custom-built business class computers, professional workstations and business servers for small to medium businesses. Our nationally recognized professional workstations deliver work-optimized performance, stability and reliability to serve the technical needs of graphic designers, engineers, architects, animators, video and film editors, day traders, product designers, and many more.

We have over 20,000 parts in our in-store inventory and specialize in data recovery, backups, and transfers. Need technical help at your home? CDO Technology provides Remote Tech Service and/or technicians dispatched to your home to solve all your IT problems.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

THE PROBLEM The world’s electronic waste (E-waste) is piling up! Toxics like mercury, lead and cadmium are leaching into our soil and water through our landfills, polluting our drinking water and harming our ecosystems. The EPA estimates over 20 million tons of E-waste are generated each year with only 25-35% being recycled. That’s a lot of harmful stuff lying around. It’s a huge problem and it’s time to help fix it.


HOW, TOGETHER, WE CAN HELP At CDO Technology, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. It starts with the systems we build. By using high quality parts with a rigorous design, engineering and building process for our custom-built computers, we make systems to last. We also use more standardized parts than our big name competitors, making our systems more upgradeable and reparable down the road. That means you will have fewer problems and more options to keep your system running the way you need it to. The longer your system performs as you need it to, the less annual E-waste you will produce.


HELPING YOU HELP YOURSELF At CDO, we believe that the more you understand your computer, the better you’ll be able to take care of it. More knowledge will also help you know when it might need maintenance to give it a longer and healthier lifespan.

Many system users don’t want to have to troubleshoot system problems. That’s why we offer one of the best warranties in the business. Our Lifetime Labor Warranty means we will support you for as long as you own your CDO built system without hitting you in the pocketbook every time you need assistance. We also embrace the Do-It-Yourself repair, for those that really want to fix issues on their own. Working on your CDO system won’t void your warranty; in fact, many of our services are designed to help the Do-It-Yourselfers. Our in-store Customer Work Area (free for our customers working on their CDO warrantied system) provides a workspace, tools and even a technician to give advice on how to best troubleshoot and repair your system. We also offer free parts testing for most current and many legacy computer and laptop parts, and both paid and free virus and spyware removal tools. Our CWA is a great place for people to learn about their computer, to save money on repair costs, and to quickly get their computers back up and running. We believe that by helping our local and extended communities to know more about the systems they own, and accompanying that with great advice and honest evaluations, we help keep more systems in use longer and lessen the amount of e-waste that is produced each year.


ELECTRONICS DROP-OFF No matter how well you take care of your electronics, eventually they reach the end of their lifespan. When that time comes, we can help you with that too. CDO has a 100% take back policy on all systems that they sell and will re-purpose some, and process the rest through environmentally responsible E-Recyclers. Another portion of our E-waste is given to charitable organizations that help folks in need right here in Upstate, South Carolina.


Create quality systems, Extent PC life thru maintenance and upgrades, Educate our Customers, Provide responsible ways to dispose of E-waste. That’s the CDO difference.

Volta Pro VP1 Reviews


Customer Reviews


Read what CDO Technology customers have to say:

I bought a Volta V gaming PC from CDO last October, and have been putting it through it’s paces with Overwatch and some flight sims since. It’s well put together and performs wonderfully- very fast, and very quiet.

Most gaming PCs with these specs come in cases that look pretty garish and I wanted one that wouldn’t dominate my apartment’s living room, so I appreciate the wooden case beyond it being a greener material than the usual metal and plastic.

CDO have given me great support with the Volta- a component came loose in shipping and they immediately sent out replacement components and even offered to have an engineer help via video call. The team at CDO seem to be really proud of their product, and it shows in the interactions I’ve had with them.

Overall, while I had some anxiety going into my purchase over the fact that I could get a PC with the same core components cheaper elsewhere, I feel like I made the right choice given the value added by the quality (and tasteful design) of the Volta, and the support the folks at CDO have provided with it.

- John Bradney

Just wanted to let you know that I received everything yesterday and am so happy with the Volta V! Everything was packed with care and It’s even nicer in person than I thought it would be– it looks so nice in my living room! I wrote a lengthy positive review on yelp about CDO and the Volta V and included a picture of it all set up. I’m also blown away by how whisper-quiet the system is (my old PC sounded so loud we’d sometimes have to turn up the TV, haha).
Again, thank you very much, I really appreciate your attention to detail and what an awesome product you’ve made. 🙂

- Bionic F.

Long Island City, New York

I love the Volta!
I’m a game developer and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a rig that can run programs like Maya, Zbrush and Unity at the capacity I need. CDO was able to build me a desktop that runs everything super smoothly, it seriously improves my workflow. Plus the case design is really cool!

- August Harris-Early

Seattle, Washington

I’ve used CDO several times. Today I had a completely unresponsive laptop and assumed I needed a new power supply. Nick diagnosed a different problem and fixed it in less than 3 minutes. For expertise like that, I was willing to pay, but he wouldn’t charge me.
I’m impressed.

- Dan Olinger

I have purchased 3 custom built computers from them over the years and they have all been top quality. I just picked up my new Volta Gaming rig and it is awesome! The guys there are so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They will take the time to sit with you and design a computer to fit your needs, not just sell you a random system like most stores. If you ever have any problems, they are happy to help you in the customer repair area or just fix it with their lifetime service warranty. I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else. Keep up the GREAT work guys!!

- Tony Page

I had a problem connecting to the network and nothing I could do would fix the problem. I took it to CDO on Laurens Rd in Greenville SC, and within about 5 minutes technician Malik had me done and out the door. He and the staff were courteous and very professional. Thank you Malik, I will be a repeat customer.

- Gary Clark

I wanted to praise the courteous and professional service always received at CDO Technology in Greenville, SC. Of particular mention is Malik who is especially helpful.

- Candice Cliff

I just wanted to let you know that I am a repeat customer at CDO. I purchased my first laptop with you several years ago and have been very pleased with the computer. Last week, I came in to purchase a new desktop and was given excellent service by Smith. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond his job to provide answers to all my questions and the help that I needed.
I wanted to commend him to you and thank you for the great job your company does.

- Cindy Hesselgrave

A technician from CDO Technology came out today to work on various problems with both of our home computers. The man was very experienced and knowledgeable and did whatever was required to fix our software and operating problems. He has a great attitude and is very helpful and courteous. In the past year, we have had the same man come out and fix various problems twice. Every time he comes out, we have very good results. My plan is to always use this technician when I have computer problems at my house.
By the way, over the past ~10 years, I have had CDO build me 2 high-end home desktop computers two different times (once in ~2005 and again in 2014) here in Greenville, SC with good results. CDO stands behind their products and their home service is great. I highly recommend CDO Technology and their technician.

- Mike R. Twitchell

Had a problem with my laptop, went to see the people at CDO Technology, took care of the problem on the spot. Friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help you anyway they can. It’s a great place to go when you have computer problems of any kind.

- Sal Tesi

The CDO Technology here in Greenville, S. C., did work for us on two recent occasions. That work was excellent in both instances. The two guys up front were very professional and cordial. They make the Geek Squad and the Staples Techs look like amateurs.

- Bill Koon

I am retired and was in need of a new laptop. I stopped by CDO Technology on Laurens Road and told the sales rep what I wanted. He explained the benefits of the lenovo with Windows 7, which was easy for me to transition to from Windows.
I purchased the unit and took it home and have been delighted with the performance. I did need some coaching and I was helped and tutored at the same time. I will return to CDO Technology again.

- John Tapp

Service by the technician was great. The technical department took the extra time to get things set up for me just as I wanted. They were very supportive and considerate. Worked directly with me to help me understand any changes or new aspects of the computer programs.
The transfer from my old computer to the new was scary for me, but both the in-house and the delivery technicians took the time to assist me and answer any questions I had. Thank you to all of you for making this a smooth transition.

- Linda Pinney

I approached CDO with a specific need: a performance workstation for video editing capable of handling large files without bogging down or crashing. I had a general idea of what I needed but I’m not highly technical and didn’t know how to get the best configuration for the budget I wanted to work with.
Gary Underwood was extremely helpful. My inquiry was answered almost immediately, and Gary walked me through the process of choosing the optimal combination of CPU, graphics card, and storage to give me the fastest and most powerful machine for the money. His suggestions made sense and it was evident he was actually thinking about my needs, not suggesting a cookie-cutter solution. Gary and the CDO staff were extremely responsive and helpful at every step of the way. The workstation was ready when promised, preloaded with the requisite software and pre-tested. The workstation is performing flawless. Gary followed up after the sale to make sure I was completely satisfied. I couldn’t be more pleased with my buying experience, and I’ll come back to CDO the next time I’ve got a computer technology challenge.

- Eric Miller

Partner, Set of 1

I purchased a Volta Pro VP2 Workstation from CDO Technology. I am a SolidWorks user and find the overclocked core i7 5930 6-core/Asus X99 with 32gb ram, 256gb Samsung 850 Pro SSD, 60gb page file, Antec P280 tower, Thermaltake 1000W Power supply, Corsair H100 Hydro cooling, and Quadro K2200 all to be well sized for my needs without getting too pricey. This unit starts up quickly, speeds through applications and graphics, and runs very quiet. I use the ASUS PB278Q 27” Monitor. The staff at CDO was very informative, professional, and responsive. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend discussing your needs with CDO and let them help you create the best overall value.

- Gary Fain, PE

Centrifugal Pump Consulting, LLC

The technicians at CDO Technology were very helpful in assisting me with putting together a specification for a new workstation to handle the demanding processing load of Autodesk Revit. I am very pleased with the performance and stability of the system they built. They will be the ones I turn to for my future computing needs.

- Nick Cantu, CPD


As a video game design startup with few employees, we needed a total solution for high end 3D modeling workstations. CDO Technology has built and maintained our computers so we can focus on making games. I’ve never worked with anyone who has cared as much as CDO about making sure we get what we need to solve our technical problems fast. We’ve been able to be as agile and flexible as we want to be thanks to them.

- Horse Volume, LLC

Savannah, GA


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