CDO Technology has been a custom-builder of performance workstations such as game enthusiast systems, consumer and business class computers, and business servers, a parts retailer, and a service center operating in Greenville, South Carolina since 1998. CDO Technology began as Computer Direct Outlet and changed its name to CDO Technology in October 2017 to better reflect the products and services that we currently provide to our customers.

CDO Technology’s dedicated business sales and service division provides the best hardware solutions and IT services for your unique business needs. CDO Technology specializes in keeping your business running by providing a combination of remote monitoring and maintenance tools, computer technicians dispatched to your facility, and remote tech services that fix problems quickly and efficiently.

Our hardware focus is in the sales and service of high quality affordable custom-built business class computers, professional workstations and business servers for small to medium businesses. Our nationally recognized professional workstations deliver work-optimized performance, stability and reliability to serve the technical needs of graphic designers, engineers, architects, animators, video and film editors, day traders, product designers, and many more.



Volta Pro VP1 Review




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Just wanted to let you know that I received everything yesterday and am so happy with the Volta V! Everything was packed with care and It’s even nicer in person than I thought it would be– it looks so nice in my living room! I wrote a lengthy positive review on yelp about CDO and the Volta V and included a picture of it all set up. I’m also blown away by how whisper-quiet the system is (my old PC sounded so loud we’d sometimes have to turn up the TV, haha).
Again, thank you very much, I really appreciate your attention to detail and what an awesome product you’ve made. 🙂

Bionic F.

Long Island City, New York

I love the Volta!
I’m a game developer and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a rig that can run programs like Maya, Zbrush and Unity at the capacity I need. CDO was able to build me a desktop that runs everything super smoothly, it seriously improves my workflow. Plus the case design is really cool!

August Harris-Early

Seattle, Washington

The staff at CDO made my day when they were able to retrieve the digital pictures that were locked on my compact flash card. I tried everything I could to get them. They were able to get them off the same day due to the ease of the program they used. My Client was a ‘happy camper’ to get her pictures before I had to leave town for the weekend. Without their help, I surely would have lost a good client.
My thanks to all who were involved in making ‘my day’ a pleasant one after all.

David Summerrow

Specialty Photos

CDO Technology has handled all of my computer and networking needs for over 13 years. They have provided me with a secure and stable infrastructure and excellent customer service. CDO custom-built and installed high quality file servers and business class workstations in a timely manner and they have provided me with top notch service at my location when I have suffered computer problems. I would never think of using anyone else for my computer needs.

J. Darryl Holland

Attorney at Law

I would like to commend Gary and his team at CDO Technology for going above and beyond in the selection and installation of our complete corporate server as well as a flawless implementation for 3S International Corporation.
As well, Gary and his team designed and built us an exceptional high performance Engineering PC that is for 3S International’s 3D Modeling and programming.
Great Job!!!

John Kuykendall

CEO, 3S International Corporation

Jose was very courteous, professional, and informative while installing our new computer and network. When we later had a slight problem, CDO Technology was quick to fix the problem. I would highly recommend CDO Technology for your custom business computer and networking needs.

Glenn Love

Impact PBS

CDO Technology saved me roughly 35% on my latest Day Trading Professional Workstation, and kept me running in my trading operation by providing me with great equipment, great service, and the ability to recover quickly from problems I may have from time to time running a trading network from my office. I can list a lot of things you guys have done for me, but here is the most recent one
I checked my older computer in for repair service as it showed a boot drive error and I asked them to repair it and replace the hard drive. A sharp technician noted, in stepwise fashion (imagine that in these days of snap-together machinery), that when he replaced a power supply, the hard drive, instead of slipping and showing a boot drive error, actually BOOTED up, saving the drive and preserving the data. To verify, he called me to make sure that I did NOT want to replace that drive (which I do not, if the drive is still good), saving me around $150 and the time it would take to restore the drive from remote back-up. I will soon have that machine back in tow as my internet marketing machine (and secondary optimization back-up for trading models), and be up to full speed very soon. You DO NOT get that kind of service from the typical computer supply or electronics repair operation. I would have tried to repair it myself, but I just ran out of time. They are truly becoming my right hand assistants over there. I really appreciate it.

David Buffalo

Day Trader

As a video game design startup with few employees, we needed a total solution for high end 3D modeling workstations. CDO Technology has built and maintained our computers so we can focus on making games. I’ve never worked with anyone who has cared as much as CDO about making sure we get what we need to solve our technical problems fast. We’ve been able to be as agile and flexible as we want to be thanks to them.

Horse Volume, LLC

Savannah, GA

As a professional Musician and Recording Studio Owner, I had CDO Technology custom-build a Media Server Professional Workstation for me last year. It was designed specifically to be used as the main digital audio workstation in my Recording Studio. It’s a Win7 64 based machine with liquid-cooled Intel Core i7. The machine has 64 gig of ram, Kingston SSD Drives for the OS , and 3 – WD 2TB Drives for Data. There are dual NVidia graphics cards installed, which run a 40” main video screen and 2 – 28’ monitors. Audio Interfacing is handled via multiple Motu 24io units connected to 424 PCIe cards; currently configured for simultaneous 48 channels audio input/output streams, and 24 channels of digital in/out all clocked by an external rack mounted Apogee Digital Time Clock.
Since the first day the machine was installed in my Studio, it has performed reliably, often grinding out 16-18 hour workdays under the grueling demands of High Resolution multi-track audio recording. Full blown multi-track digital recording often pushes even modern workstations to their performance limitations; however, since upgrading to this CDO Technology custom-built workstation, there seems to be no limit to the amount of simultaneous audio tracks, audio processing plug-ins, and virtual instruments this machine can comfortably handle.
I have yet to find a performance ceiling in day to day practical use. Large scale projects that used to take exasperating amounts of time to render, are now handled with ridiculous ease, and I now spend very little to NONE of my work day ever again waiting on this machine to process even the most complex, long audio projects. Nowadays I experience a mindboggling near zero down time, such that it has become necessary to invent actual non work-related reasons to step away from my workstation. This machine actually has given me some of my life back; instead of fighting my DAW and waiting for data computations to process – now I have more time to make music, and actually enjoy some quality time with the family instead of watching my life go by as I wait for the agonizing little blue-circle going round and round that windows gives you while the OS is busy processing data.
If, God Forbid, the unlikely occurs, and this machine ever does go down one day in the future, I also know from long years of experience as a CDO customer that my Lifetime Warranty is Rock Solid, and CDO Technology’s Customer Care and Tech Service is First Class.

Karl Sanders


As the owner of a small business in Greenville, SC, one of my most important tools is my company’s information, and that is stored on servers and accessed through our high-end Workstations. Literally, if we lose our data, we would essentially have to start over from scratch. For the last decade, The Kidder Group, Inc. has partnered with CDO Technology. Gary’s team works with us to build custom hardware and software applications for our business. What I have found over the years is that Gary’s team saves me about 30% over buying from a company headquartered in Texas. When I have a technical issue, I put the box in the car and go see his Tech Manager, Dale, since our servers and workstations have lifetime labor warranty. We conduct our business face-to-face and end with a firm handshake. I have also had his Onsite technicians come to my business when that is the best option for me. We continue to work together to specify the best components for long term survivability; for example, we put solid state hard drives in all our PC’s. Yes, they are more expensive initially, but they simply don’t crash. Gary and his team also designed and built our server with 5 levels of redundancy to ensure that our data is protected. In addition, his team installed a very simple Hard Drive back up system where we take our data off site each week and upload it to a server at my house to ensure that everything did backup and it does work. This is important in case the office data was lost. I only do business with people that I trust completely, and CDO Technology has earned my trust and my business. I recommend them as the best source for computer hardware and software.

Gary Tompkins

President and CEO, Kidder Group

The technicians at CDO Technology were very helpful in assisting me with putting together a specification for a new workstation to handle the demanding processing load of Autodesk Revit. I am very pleased with the performance and stability of the system they built. They will be the ones I turn to for my future computing needs.

Nick Cantu, CPD


We are a small museum exhibit design and fabrication firm. Our specific area of expertise is leveraging technology in our uniquely interactive and educational exhibits. This translates to a heavy reliance on PCs and other electronics. CDO Technology has been our go-to supplier for both new hardware and for keeping our equipment in perfect running order since 2009. Their service has been consistently excellent in every way, and they stand by what they sell with lifetime labor and variable length parts warranties available. Every small business needs a solid IT partner, from computer hardware to networking, repairs, and support – CDO Technology can do it all. I highly recommend them.

Mark Kirby

Operations Director and CEO, Eureka Exhibits, LLC

We have been purchasing parts and custom-built Supermicro servers from CDO Technology for more than 6 years. The staff at CDO have always provided excellent service and support both during the build process and after installation. We trust CDO to build servers for our datacenters.

David Wykofka

IT Director, ISO Poly Films

We continue to leverage CDO Technology for our customer’s servers and workstations because we have received excellent service and support over the last decade that we have been doing business with them. No matter how strange our request they always seem to get it done.


Hosted Here LLC

Ten years ago, as a small business, we didn’t have the knowledge or personnel to figure out what we needed to network our computers and systems. We brought in CDO Technology to analyze our workflow needs, software and work stations to bring us online with a server network, email, firewalls, etc. As we’ve grown, or had issues, we have depended on CDO to continue to service our needs and update our systems as needed. Technology changes so quickly and when that is not your main business, you don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up to date or know what you need. We’ve relied on knowledge, service and personnel of the CDO team to look out for us and help us throughout these many years. It gives me a sense of peace to know that we have the resource available to continue to help us on into the future. The CDO Technology team has become an extension of our business… and we rely on them to fix whatever we did wrong!

Deborah Kingsbury

President / Owner, QSM, Inc.

Adeptus Architecture has relied on CDO Technology for all our computer hardware needs over the past ten years. As we have grown from a regional to a national architectural firm, our technological needs have drastically changed. Mr. Underwood and his staff have assisted us with all our evolving needs, initially setting up a server system and architectural Workstations for our staff. After a few years, we needed to become more mobile, so CDO created custom laptops for our travel. Still later, as we began to service state and governmental clientele, we needed to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit Workstations to run the advanced software programs required by these clients. Again, CDO Technology worked with us to create Professional Workstations that were custom tailored to our needs.


We have been extremely satisfied with the services and products we have received over the years from CDO Technology and do not hesitate to recommend them to evolving, progressive businesses that have growing technological needs.

W. Barry Agnew, AIA


The Cancer Society of Greenville County would like to thank CDO Technology for all of the service that we have received, since 2007, with our computer equipment. We are now on our second CDB server, along with the second set of six business workstations. As a non-profit, we rely heavily on our computer equipment. CDO is always prompt when we need service. You have promptly helped us from your office when we have computer questions. You have assisted us with moving computers around, adding new people and just keeping things running well for us. We appreciate you trying to keep cost down for us by remoting into our computers when have had minor problems. Again, we can’t thank you enough. We look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship in the future.

Lisa Green

Executive Director, Cancer Society of Greenville County


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