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Volta V : A Wooden PC Brewed with Equal Parts Style and Power.

GREENVILLE, S.C., January 2, 2017 — This year’s hottest computer won’t be found at CES. Introducing Volta V: a computer that aims to dazzle with not only power, but with sleek design. Produced by Computer Direct Outlet, Volta V is immediately striking with its wooden chassis. The Volta V is the first commercially-produced computer featuring a hardwood chassis made from domestically-sourced trees, and it’s inspired by honestly-made wooden furniture. Each one is outfitted to custom specifications, creating a workstation that is perfect for professionals, gamers, and those interested in a powerful statement piece for their desk. It is stunning, turning heads at each of the tech trade shows it has seen so far.

A Statement Piece for Your Desk

Modern gamers want a minimalistic, beautiful environment for work and play. The Volta V offers just that. Both visually and auditorily quiet, the Volta V is design you want to keep. Sitting just 5.5 inches off your desk, it creates the perfect monitor stand for ergonomic viewing. The legs are part of a one-piece aluminum base plate that adds strength to the construction. When not in use, your keyboard hides away beneath the computer, creating a compact workspace that stays both attractive and neat.

Can a Computer be Sustainable?

The Volta V answers: yes. The computer’s chassis is constructed by local artisans of walnut and bamboo, which the company strives to source from responsibly-cut tree farms, using good environmental practices. The Volta V offers a piece of technology that not only provides a powerful workstation – it is ethically designed. Using a magnetic toolless lid that allows the user to easily access the guts of their machine, the Volta V will be a stylish fixture of your desk for years to come. The computer aims to grow with you, preventing you from trashing your entire computer just to upgrade its components. This allows you to avoid contributing to the 9.4 million tons of e-waste we produce each year . Part of the profits are given to Upstate Forever – a nonprofit that promotes clean air & water, sustainable communities, and land trust in South Carolina. By contributing to its local environment through Upstate Forever, Computer Direct Outlet hopes to shape the way computer manufacturers think about their products – and the way consumers use them.

Built to Handle the Work You Do

Creative professionals can now choose long-lasting, ethical equipment while crafting the ultimate work environment. Gamers are afforded a refreshing style that breaks the mold of traditional super-powered computers, without compromising any of the performance. Create exactly the computer you need with the configuring tool, and speak with a real, live human being to be sure you are getting exactly the right tool for the job – whatever your job may be. Build it out with an Intel Skylake or Broadwell-E Core processor overclocked up to 4.5GHz, or choose a professional Xeon processor, up to 64 gigs of RAM, solid-state, M.2, and/or hard-disk drives, and a NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce GTX 10 series video card. With a combination of liquid cooling and ultra-quiet fans plus a unique dust-filtration system, Volta V stays cool and quiet under load without throttling and doesn’t accumulate performance-wrecking dust. A completed, custom Volta V will range from $1999 to $5000 depending on the components you select. “We hand-build every single computer. We install high-quality parts, because we want it to be the perfect fit for you. We actually have a lifetime service guarantee,” says owner Gary Underwood. “This design hasn’t been tried before.”

Proven Successes

Born in 1997, Computer Direct Outlet has been creating custom computers with lifetime service warranties ever since. After years of prototyping designs and operations, Underwood released the Volta series, which became a hit among architects, photographers, graphic designers and other professionals using high-end programs. Underwood and his team spent 15 months designing and prototyping many versions of the Volta V. “The process was very exciting and frustrating, because for every problem we solved, two more would just crop up. But we wanted to design something that was sustainable and durable,” Underwood said. It was a success, resulting in the Volta V: just as powerful as it is beautiful.

How to Get Your Hands on a Volta V

Preorder sales began January 1st, 2017, and for only $399, you can reserve your new Volta V. Once you’ve placed your reservation, our experts will schedule a consultation appointment with you to discuss the requirements of your specific computer. From there, work begins, with the first custom machines estimated to ship in March 2017. Be a part of movement to blend technology and style, and to move away from the gaming PC culture overwhelmed by glowing lights and chrome accents. Learn more at

The Volta V: Designed for Life.


Ashlee Perkins

Gary Underwood, CEO
Computer Direct Outlet